• Before you start
    • MutationDB collects mutations of 578 E. coli genome under 178 distinct culture conditions..
    • In MutationDB, a condition is described by Strain, Medium, Carbon source, Stress, Generation and other factors.

  • Search in the Database
    • Click Database on the top navigation bar.
    • The search service allows a user to search which genome sites are hit by a mutation under a user-defined culture condition and search mutations that hit a gene of interest. The functions offered by the website are annotated as follows:
      Cinque Terre
    • Search which genome sites were hit by a mutation under a specific culture condition.
    • Specifiy a culture condition, by filling in the pulldown menu and then click the search button.
    • Search mutations that hit a gene or multiple genes of interest.
    • Type in the gene(s) of interest in the search box and click search button (A culture condition specification is option).
    • Save search result
    • Click the download button to save the result in a comma separated file.

  • Mutation Prediction
  • Click the Predictor and select a value for each attribute for defining a culture condition, finally click the Predict button. The code for prediction is available at this link.